Over 100 types of Pals

Pals will help you perform various tasks such as farming, breeding, fighting battles, or participating in factories.

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palworld fighting

Palworld Fighting

Participating in battles is mandatory in parlworld, it’s the main way to grab extra sticks, make progress and overcome the challenges of tower bosses.


You can play with other players! Choose who to cooperate with and who to make war with. Make sure your Pals and items are not stolen!

How to play Palworld Online?

1. Create your own world.

2. In the settings, enable the multiplayer option.

3. Select a character, press “Start Game”, after loading, press “Escape”, there you will find the invitation code. Press “i” to display the code

4. send the code to your friends who want to join you

palworld multiplayer
How to play Palworld Online?​

The game has been in development for 3 years

Now it is available for everyone!

Open world, up to 32 players can participate in the game.

Develop, train, participate in battles

Your Pals helpers, capture as many of them as you can!

So what are you waiting for?

Gameplay Mechanics:

Palworld free combines elements of a Pokémon-inspired creature collection game with base-building survival mechanics. As a player, you find yourself dropped into a strange land filled with oversized and dangerous creatures called Pals. The goal is not to challenge Gym Leaders but to survive the harsh environment, facing off against psychotic Pal trainers and exploring the world for new Pals to capture.

Creature Collection with a Twist:

The game introduces a clever twist to the creature collection formula by allowing players to use Pals for various tasks at their base. From farming to crafting, these lovable monsters become integral to automating processes, adding an adorable and cooperative aspect to the game. Despite the eyebrow-raising inspiration from a certain creature collecting powerhouse, Palworld manages to carve its own niche.

Irreverent and Unhinged Adventure:

Palworld leans into the absurd and lets players engage in unconventional activities, such as using a fiery Fox Pal as a flamethrower or equipping a monkey Pal with a machine gun. The game doesn’t shy away from the darker side of the genre, addressing questionable aspects like using Pals for labor or even considering them as a food source in desperate times. The tonal shifts create a uniquely unhinged gaming experience.

Diverse World Exploration:

Exploring the enormous open-world map of Palworld is a consistently enjoyable experience. From battling dangerous boss Pals to raiding dungeons and interacting with quirky NPCs, the game offers a variety of activities. The ability to ride Pals, especially flying ones, opens up the vast landscape, showcasing bamboo forests, murky swamps, and even an active volcano.

Multiplayer Fun:

Palworld becomes even more entertaining in multiplayer, allowing up to 32 players on the Steam version to collaborate in the open world. Co-op play enhances the experience, making resource gathering less tedious and enabling collective base management.

Technical Considerations:

While Palworld is in early access, it already provides a surprisingly polished experience. Some technical issues like frame rate drops, stuttering, and occasional crashes in multiplayer are present, but they do not significantly impede the overall enjoyment.